Timothy Taylor, principal investigator

Timothy Taylor is professor (ordinarius) of the Prehistory of Humanity at the University of Vienna in November 2012 and principal investigator of the „Beyond Lake Villages“ project in Austria. Since 2008 he has been Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of World Prehistory (New York, Springer); since October 2013 he is director of the Vienna Institute of Archaeological Science (VIAS). Find out more at the University of Vienna.

Jean Nicolas Haas, national research partner, palaeoecology

Jean Nicolas Haas is professor (extraordinarius) for Botany and Palaeoecology, and Group Leader within the Research Group Palynology and Archaeobotany at the Institute of Botany, University of Innsbruck. Find out more at the University of Innsbruck.

Kerstin Kowarik, coordinator of the archaeological project part

Kerstin Kowarik is responsible for coordinating the landscape archaeological research. Previously Kerstin has worked on several project involving the prehistoric salt mines of Hallstatt. Her doctoral thesis addressed the provisioning structures of the Hallstatt salt mines and the land use system in the surrounding macroregion (University of Vienna, 2016). Through her work as head of the Hall-Impact project (Austrian Academy of Sciences, 2010-2013) she has acquired expertise in the study of prehistoric land use systems and human-environment interrelations. Find out more at University of Vienna and Academia.

Julia Klammer, GIS- and LiDAR analysis

Julia Klammer is an archaeologist specializing in GIS- and LiDAR analysis. She has broad expertise in this area. Julia did her master’s on ancient path ways. She has worked in Hall-Impact project and in numerous other GIS-related projects with a main focus on archaeological prospection. Find out more at University of Vienna.

Helena Seidl da Fonseca, diploma student

Helena Seidl da Fonseca is doing her master’s study on the lacustrine sites of the study area. In her master’s she is taking a landscape approach. She is also  trained underwater archaeologist and works with the national management agency National Manager of the UNESCO-World Heritage Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps. Find out more at  Kuratorium Pfahlbauten.


Extended team during Attersee workshop, August 2015