The international research project “Beyond Lake Villages” is funded within the Joint Projects funding scheme D-A-CH by the Austrian Science Fund FWF, the German Science Fund DFG and the Swiss Science Fund SNF.

“Beyond Lake Villages” brings together Austrian, Swiss and German researchers studying the prehistoric lake village sites of Austria, Germany and Switzerland and their wider region. The aim of the international project is to characterize human impact in terms of land use dynamics during the Neolithic with special emphasis on the 4th millennium BC. The Austrian part of the project is hosted by the University of Vienna and the University of Innsbruck.

We focus on the Lake Attersee-Mondsee region, including both large and small bodies of water, bogs, and newly discovered ‘hinterland’ sites. The project goals are (i) to establish a high resolution Holocene palaeoenvironmental record for the research area; (ii) to enhance our understanding of landscape in terms of spatial networks (iii) to integrate palaeoenvironmental data sets with archaeological data. The research strategy is composed of an interdisciplinary programme of retrieval of high-resolution palaeoecological and archaeological data. The palaeoecological programme focuses on Lake Mondsee and the small lakes in the hinterland of lakes Attersee and Mondsee. The closely integrated archaeological research includes underwater prospection and landscape work on different spatial scales (micro- to macroregional), but mostly operating at a regional level (LiDAR data-analysis and aerial photography). A GIS-based database of known and newly-discovered sites will be correlated with the new high-resolution palaeoenvironmental data, deepening our understanding of land-use.

Data: Amt der OÖ Landesregierung: DHM, Digitale Othofotos, Franz.Kat. Map: J. Klammer

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